Whats is WSAP?


WSAP is an organization of highly-dedicated and dynamic wedding suppliers geared to uphold the standard of business ethics and deliver excellent results by providing more than the expectations of our clients.

 Our primary goal is to work as one to further advance our career and business by:

  1. Establishing ethical business standards based on the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization.
  2. Organizing professional activities such as wedding expo, seminars, and training to standardize the services offered as well as foster camaraderie.
  3. Providing a platform for every member to share new ideas and share best practices, creating a healthy and harmonious business environment for all.
  4. Giving health benefits and emergency assistance during crucial times.
  5. Providing legal assistance when there are disputes.


Core Values

Honesty & Integrity| Respect & Commitment | Consistency & Efficiency | Open-mindedness & Trustworthy